Hello, my name is Deepak Nagaraj. I work as a software engineer at Citrix Systems, Santa Clara. I’m also a graduate student at UC Berkeley, in the MIDS (Master of Information and Data Science) program. My previous education is in computer science from Visweswaraya Tech University, India, and Ohio State University.

I grew up in Bangalore, back when it was still a sleepy town. I have always been fond of books, computers and abstract topics. I’m married to Chaitra and have a cute little daughter.

My technical skills span three broad domains: Unix systems, Web networking, and data analytics. I have extensive working knowledge of C and Unix. I also understand Web networking very well, having worked on NetScaler application load balancer at HTTP and TCP layers.

For the last couple years, I have been building a data analytics pipeline. This has led me to data engineering and machine learning. These days I spend my time working with Spark, R, Python and Scala.

The name of the blog, Lead, Kindly Byte, is a pun on a poem by John Newman and my name, which means ‘Light’ in Sanskrit.

You can reach me on e-mail: n.deepak at gmail.com

Last Updated: March 11 2018